manuma means timeless style for women who cherish the craft behind their clothes.

manuma's pieces transcend fashion, taking inspiration from garments found across history and throughout the world. We use luxurious modern fabrics in sustainable fibers, and we embellish them by hand using ancient techniques.

We reject the waste and disrespect of fast fashion in favor of a slow fashion model– every piece is cut to order, and shipped to you as soon it's finished. 

We are preserving ancient artisan crafts by embellishing our pieces with traditional weaving, beading, and embroidery techniques from around the world.

manuma is designed by Allie McConnell, a graduate of Parsons School of Fashion's accelerated fashion design program. Allie also holds a BA in International Relations from the George Washington University, and previously worked as a case manager supporting refugees and survivors of human trafficking in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

manuma's debut collection will be produced by Allie herself, as we continue developing our business plan and nourishing our community in western Connecticut. Future collections will be produced by skilled immigrant women, our neighbors, compensated at a living wage. Our future plans include ESL classes and ongoing workshops for our employees, as well as a mentorship program teaching local young people traditional craft techniques.



about the name:

manuma started out as a portmanteau Allie invented, combining the Latin root for "hand" and the almost-universal word for "mother". Turns out, manuma is also the name of a beautiful bird species found in Samoa and Fiji, also known as the Many-Colored Fruit Dove, Ptilinopus perousii.